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Is it any wonder that people are upset with our government? After all, we’re at a point where many feel that those we’ve sent to Washington to represent us neglect to consider our concerns. Our representatives make it easy to believe that they aren’t acting in our best interest. They quickly become so connected to special interest groups in an effort to gain political standing and simply to remain in office that they loose touch with the very group they should stay connected with: The People.

I think that much of our frustration with our representation stems in actuality NOT from a dissatisfaction with the way our government was designed to work, but with what it has become. Our present government is so incredibly far away from what the Framers of The Constitution gave us that the only resemblance is in style only, but certainly not in function.

Personally, I’d like to see us take steps to return to the original blueprint. Before we toss our system out because of our frustration with it, let’s consider going back to what it is supposed to be and give that a try.

For over two hundred years, we’ve been moving away from that original blueprint. And given the speed at which we are currently bounding away from it, it seems almost foolish to think that we could ever get “back to the garden.” What I suggest, and what I pray for, is that if enough people become aware, and upset enough with where they see things going, we can make small steps, one at a time, toward getting back on-track. It won’t happen over night. But little by little we can at least start to turn and move in the direction of that goal.

What are my views? Where do I stand politically? Some will no doubt jump to the conclusion that I’m a staunch Republican because I am so opposed to what I see as a Left-Wing Liberal agenda. But no, I’m not a Republican, and certainly not a Democrat. I’m disgruntled with both Republicans and Democrats, although my views are usually aligned closer to the Republican platform, if I had to chose between the two. I’m coming to the conclusion that either party is equally as destructive as the other, when they both are so focused on using Government to FIX everything. Actually, I’m somewhat Libertarian, although not officially a member of any party. I’m dissatisfied with the notion that Democrat or Republican are the only two options voters think they have from which to choose. I consider myself an Independent, who looks at the issues, studies the background on them, and then votes my conscience.

I long for a time when we have candidates who 1). have a heart of service, 2). are personally familiar with Common Sense, and 3). are dedicated to uphold the Spirit of the Founders in their views on the whole purpose of Government. The Framers of our Constitution had no intention of creating a class of professional politicians who would perennially control Congress. They envisioned that our Representatives would be ordinary citizens who would go to Washington in order to serve The People for a while, but who would eventually return to private life. They would be people who lived and worked in a community and who were thereby connected to those whom they would represent. They would also know that they would return to those communities once their term of service was over. Simply knowing that they would have to return to private life would keep them connected to the interests of their communities. Instead, what we have now is a culture of professional “Representatives” who represent their own special interests but certainly not ours. Many of these career politicians eventually retire, having held no other job in their entire lives than that of Congressman or Senator. This engenders a culture of corruption since they view their roles as positions of Power, not of Service. And therein lies a huge problem. Of course, ultimately, The People are to blame, because we keep reelecting them. What are we thinking?

Gone are the days when (e.g.) an Abe Lincoln, a common person with a true heart of service, can even dream of getting elected. What a person has to give up now just to maneuver into a position of being an “electable” candidate means that they have already lost their connection to The People and to any moral notion of Service. That has tragic implications for the future of our country.


Written by jb

August 13, 2009 at 6:23 pm

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