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Immigration Policy

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I am NOT racist. I am NOT violent. I am in favor of legal immigration policy which has been a major contributing factor in making the United States what it is. But…


Folks, we’ve simply GOT to get our national head around the immigration situation in this country. The demands being placed on our society are simply inconceivable (see photo). These demands would be ridiculous even if they were made by legitimate citizens, much more so when they come from those who have invaded our boarders illegally. Granted, these demands are not made by all who advocate for unrestricted immigration or for amnesty, yet they are the logical conclusion to those policies, and they are actually being made, and expected, by many.

Here are a few facts which should be setting off alarm bells:

Based on 2007 Census data, the Center for Immigration Studies reported:

  • The nation’s immigrant population (both legal and illegal) reached a record of 37.9 million in 2007.
  • Immigrants account for 1 in 8 U.S. residents, the highest level in eighty years. In 1970 it was 1 in 21, in 1980 it was 1 in 16, and in 1990 it was 1 in 13.
  • Overall, nearly 1 in 3 immigrants is an illegal alien. Half of Mexican and Central American immigrants and one-third of South American immigrants are illegal.
  • 31 percent of adult immigrants have not completed high school, compared to 8 percent of natives. Since 2000, immigration increased the number of workers without a high school diploma by 14 percent, and all other workers by 3 percent. This means that our growing immigrant population is comprised primarily of unskilled labor, contrasting with earlier immigrant waves in which immigrants were skilled in ways which enabled them to contribute significantly to the benefit of society as a whole.
  • The proportion of immigrant-headed households which draw on at least one major welfare program is 33 percent, compared to 19 percent for native households. In 2004, immigrant households received nearly three dollars in immediate benefits and services for each dollar in taxes they paid. — http://www.heritage.org/Research/Immigration/upload/sr_14.pdf
  • The poverty rate for immigrants and their U.S.-born children under 18 is 17 percent, nearly 50 percent higher than the rate for natives and their children.
  • 34 percent of immigrants lack health insurance, compared to 13 percent of natives. Immigrants and their U.S.-born children account for 71 percent of the increase in the uninsured since 1989. With government run/subsidized healthcare on the way, the implications of this fact are staggering considering the public (taxpayers) will be on the hook for these related healthcare costs.
  • Immigration accounts for virtually all of the national increase in public school enrollment over the last two decades. In 2007, there were 10.8 million school-age children from immigrant families in the United States.

    The Pew Hispanic Center estimates that

  • 9 percent of the population of Mexico was living in the United States in 2004.
  • 57 percent of all illegal immigrants in the U.S. are Mexican. Another 24 percent are from other Latin American countries.
  • 55 percent of all Mexicans in the U.S. are here illegally.
  • By 2050, Hispanics will be between 29 percent and 32 percent of the nation’s population.

    In 2008, a study from Manhattan Institute reported that the current level of assimilation of all recent immigrant groups is lower than at any time during the great migration in the early twentieth century. Some ethnic groups assimilated better than others, but Mexicans were the least assimilated overall, and assimilate at the slowest rate.

    The Mexican government promotes the idea of extraterritorial nationalism among its citizens – the concept that Mexican citizens have an indigenous claim to large sections of the southwestern United States. Mexican president Zedillo said (July 23, 1997)

    I have proudly affirmed that the Mexican nation extends beyond the territory enclosed by its borders and that Mexican migrants are an important – a very important – part of it. — http://zedillo.presidencia.gob.mx/pages/disc/jul97/23jul97-2.html

    This attitude is shared by Mexican citizens at large. Zogby International reported that 58 percent of Mexicans agree with the statement “The territory of the United States’ southwest rightfully belongs to Mexico.” — Results of poll of U.S., Mexican citizens, United Press International, June 12, 2002 —

    National Council of La Raza (“The Race”) is a popular organization which works tirelessly against the assimilation of Hispanic aliens into American society and for the continuation of illegal Hispanic migration into our country. Here are a few facts about La Raza and its stance on the issues:

  • La Raza views the United States as an irredeemably racist nation.
  • favors racial and ethnic preferences for minorities in the workplace and in higher education.
  • supports open borders and amnesty for ALL illegal aliens.
  • supports the DREAM Act, which is designed to allow illegal aliens to attend college at the reduced tuition rates normally reserved for in-state legal residents.
  • advocates “reform” that would give illegal aliens full access to taxpayer-funded health care services.
  • characterizes any reduction in government assistance to illegal border-crossers as “a disgrace to American values.”
  • supports access to driver’s licenses for illegal aliens.
  • supports voting rights for illegal aliens. ??????
  • opposes the Aviation Transportation and Security Act requiring that all airport baggage screeners be U.S. citizens.
  • opposes the Clear Law Enforcement for Criminal Alien Removal Act, which would empower state and local police to enforce federal immigration laws.
  • opposes the REAL ID Act, which requires that all driver’s license and photo ID applicants be able to verify they are legal residents of the United States, and that the documents they present to prove their identity are genuine.

    Leaders (and supporters) of La Raza have worked their way into the highest levels of our society and our government.

  • Raul Yzaguirre was president and CEO of La Raza for thirty years. Hillary Clinton appointed Yzaguirre as co-chair of her presidential campaign and assigned him to lead her outreach to Hispanics.
  • John McCain was honored by La Raza in 1999. McCain appointed Juan Hernandez as his Hispanic outreach director. In a Nightline interview on ABC News (June 7, 2001), Hernandez, who holds dual citizenship, said,

    I want the third generation, the seventh generation, I want them all to think ‘Mexico first.’ — Nightline Interview, ABC News, June 7, 2001 —

  • President Obama appointed Cecilia Munoz, senior vice president of La Raza, as director of his Office of Intergovernmental Affairs.
  • Given La Raza’s agenda, how can it be in our country’s best interest to be placing their leaders in positions of authority and influence in our society and our government? What does it say about those who make these appointments?

    Unabated immigration from Mexico takes huge amounts of money out of the U.S. economy. In 2006, over 27 percent of Mexico’s labor force was working in the U.S., sending “home” $20 billion in remittances. That equals one-third of the total wage earnings in the formal sector of the Mexican economy and 10 percent of Mexico’s exports.

    How can our country, our society, survive such a continuing stream of aliens who won’t submit to our law (on the proper way to immigrate) who are encouraged above all to avoid assimilation, who make ridiculous demands on the society they are invading (again, refer to the above photo)?

    What do we do about our federal government’s refusal to enforce immigration law, while they continue to push in every way possible to throw our borders wide open and look for new ways to grant amnesty to millions of people who are here illegally?

    We’ve simply GOT to get a handle on this. We’ve got to. To not reign this in is societal suicide.

    Much of the information which inspired me to write this piece came from reading the chapter ‘On Immigration’ from Mark R. Levin’s book Liberty And Tyranny, from observing contemporary news sources, and from simply THINKING.

    Think, people. Think!!!


    6 Responses

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    1. Jb… Loved this blog. Some of this I already knew, but some was new info for me… & quite disturbing.
      A huge question I have is… Why are we the ONLY country in the entire world that if you have a baby here, even if you’re illegal, your baby automatically becomes a US citizen?? :o/

      Robyn Colston Bonnet

      August 5, 2010 at 3:06 pm

    2. Robyn, I’m glad you found it informative. I agree with you that the ‘anchor baby’ issue needs to be looked at. There is some current discussion on whether the 14th Amendment (which is where this policy comes from) actually applies to illegal aliens and their offspring, or not.

      Personally, I’m in favor of keeping the policy in general, for a number of reasons, but those who claim that it does not apply to the illegal alien situation have a compelling argument.

      The 14th Amendment begins “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” On a first look, that might seem to apply to ALL babies born in the U.S., but a second look might indicate otherwise. There is a qualifier there, and in any issue dealing with contracts and legal issues, it’s necessary to look at any and all qualifiers. The amendment doesn’t state simply that all persons born in the United States are automatically citizens (although this is the view that has been commonly accepted), but it says “all persons born… and subject to the jurisdiction thereof…” The argument can be made, therefore, that parents who have completely and deliberately disregarded and skirted our immigration laws in order to be here at the time their child is born have obviously demonstrated that they don’t submit to “the jurisdiction thereof.” They really are still subject to the jurisdiction of their home country, where their citizenship lies. If they intentionally disregard our (immigration) laws which clearly indicate that they don’t have a right to be here at that point in time (having not followed the legal requirements to be here), can they then claim to be “subject to the jurisdiction” of our government? Yes, they are “in the United States,” but can they claim that they meet the demand made by the qualifier, that of being “subject to the jurisdiction thereof?”

      It’s complicated, when I don’t think it needs to be. But I’m confident it will get a lot more messy before it’s all over with. Just read the bottom of the sign in that that photo…


      August 5, 2010 at 4:49 pm

    3. Sad to say, jb, that nothing will be done about this. It’ll run its course to whatever conclusion is out there waiting. Why? Two of the reasons: 1) the majority of people, regardless of ideological persuasion, do not / cannot / will not think (the last meaning that they willfully refuse to think); 2) over the past 20 years, at least, probably longer, our elected officials, of whatever party affiliation and of however long or short a tenure, have lost the ability to make the difficult decisions–they’re nervous job-holders on the one hand and in love with their own tenuous celebrity on the other. They’re the same fools, no matter which party is in “power.” And as a people we are in too many important ways too weak and stupid to do anything about it. Nothing big will change or recover. This will not be overcome.

      The United States of America–in spite of all the good people who call themselves Americans–will be luckier than it deserves to be if it lasts another 100 years.


      August 19, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    4. Michael, you may be right. I hope not, but you may be. I’ll totally agree with you on one thing though: “our elected officials… (are) the same fools, no matter which party is in ‘power.'” It’s time to vote out the incumbents.

      Up until recently, I would have agreed on your first point: that most people don’t or won’t think. I feel that we’ve reached (or at least are very close to) a tipping point, where people are so pissed over the arrogance and disregard that we see from those we’ve elected to be OUR representatives in our government. Just how pissed we remain by the time November rolls around, we’ll just have to wait and see.

      I long for a time when the United States will again be able to see truly qualified candidates run for office.. the kind of representatives that our Founders also wanted so desperately to see. People who will go to Washington and just do the right thing.

      Thanks for your comments!


      August 19, 2010 at 5:45 pm

    5. By the way, I’ve looked at this a couple of times now, and I have a question: Can we really believe that the sign featured in the picture hasn’t been manipulated to promote just as biased an agenda as the one it broadcasts?


      September 23, 2010 at 10:38 am

      • I can’t speak to that, because I did not take the photo, and I have no idea how it may have possibly been manipulated before I grabbed it. But the sign depicted in the photo is not the issue. We don’t need that sign to know that the views (seemingly) depicted on it are actually the beliefs and demands of many who are in our country illegally. Just check the news reports on ANY of the media outlets, no matter which agenda your particular outlet of choice may promote. What do you do with the facts presented in the post, regardless of the photo and the sign in it?

        We’ve got a serious problem with how we view immigration policy. Things are messed up! Attitudes toward the law are messed up. As a case in point, check this article to get an idea of just how messed up some of our attitudes are:http://www.newsrealblog.com/2010/09/22/obamas-aunt-says-america-took-advantage-of-her-by-giving-her-free-housing-and-healthcare/


        September 23, 2010 at 11:43 am

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