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Thoughts on ‘Obama on Fox’

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Hell must have just frozen over. I just witnessed an interview granted by President Obama to Fox News.

What did I learn from it?
1). The arrogance of this man appears to be even more astounding than I previously realized. I knew it was significant, but…
2). He evidently thinks, when dealing with someone who will stand up to him and actually challenge him to just answer a simple damn question, that it’s perfectly acceptable (and presidential) to treat such a person as if they were a little child.
3). It’s hard to believe that when repeatedly pressed on ‘what’s actually in the bill,’ he couldn’t (or wouldn’t) actually give a concrete answer, and his attempts to respond were evasive at best. Notwithstanding, he’s certainly in favor of this legislation and thinks it is of utmost importance that it be passed, whatever ends up being in it. How do politicians with this kind of outlook ever get elected to any public office higher than dogcatcher?

What’s the most constructive statement I can make at this point? Vote out the incumbents.


Written by jb

March 17, 2010 at 5:27 pm

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