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Call It What It Is – Part 1

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The first post in what I plan to be an ongoing series.

I’ve never been one to bend to the ridiculous demands of Political Correctness. What a crock! If we refuse to acknowledge what comprises the issues facing and challenging us, how in the world will we ever arrive at solutions to those issues, and grow beyond them? Sticking our collective heads in the sand won’t get us anywhere. “Call it what it is,” so we can take it out and examine it, and actually see things for what they are. And then decide how best to deal with them.

It appears that the creeping sharia movement we’re seeing all the way up to the highest levels of our American government and society (as evidenced by our President who continues to demand “caution” before recognizing a domestic Islamic terrorist to be a domestic Islamic terrorist) are not at all limited to our American experience. All across Europe, governments are bowing to “sensitivities” of Muslim influences among their bloated immigrant populations. Bending over backwards to avoid accurately addressing the pressing issues facing our world.

Case in point – consider this, from England:

Don’t call extremists ‘extremists’

Deputy Political Editor
Published: 05 Dec 2009

MINISTERS have been BANNED from using words like Islamist and fundamentalist – in case they offend Muslims.

An eight-page Whitehall guide lists words they should not use when talking about terrorism in public and gives politically correct alternatives.

They are told not to refer to Muslim extremism as it links Islam to violence. Instead, they are urged to talk about terrorism or violent extremism.
[Edit: But IS there such a thing as “Muslim extremism?” If there is (insert rhetorical satire here), then why can’t it be mentioned any longer? Does the recommended usage of “terrorism” or “violent extremism” encompass the banned phrase “Muslim extremism?” Of course not. Only the phrase “Muslim extremism” encompasses “Muslim extremism.” So you’re asking us to pretend it no longer exists, then? Yea, that’ll really help in facing it.]

Fundamentalist and Jihadi are also banned because they make an “explicit link” between Muslims and terror.
[Edit: No they don’t. At least “fundamentalist” doesn’t. Excuse me, call me naive, but it seems to me that Muslims can not have an exclusive lock on the word “fundamentalist.” There are fundamentalists in almost every different group of people, but if we’re banned from using that word… what, just rip it out of the dictionary and pretend it never existed? And “Jihadi??” Banned because it makes “an ‘explicit link’ between Muslims and terror?” But then doesn’t the concept of “Jihad” have its origins in Islam to start with? Oh wait.. I see.. I guess that’s the point of all this, isn’t it? Personally, I’d be more than happy to forget the word “jihadi” and never use it again, if only the jihadis would abandon the principles of jihad.]

Ministers should say criminals, murderers or thugs instead. Radicalisation must be called brainwashing and talking about moderate or radical Muslims is to be avoided as it “splits the community”.
[Edit: Re: “radicalisation,” ditto, the above comment on “fundamentalist.” Why is the Muslim community the only one these sanctimonious watchdogs are concerned about “splitting?”]

Islamophobia is also out as it is received as “a slur that singles out Muslims”.
[Edit: Well, duhh!! Of course it singles out Muslims, or followers of Islam. To take issue with THIS fact is like saying not to use the word “red” because it singles out anything that is RED. Remember this brilliant quote from a few years back – “That depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is.” How dumb do the PC Police think we are, anyway?! As with the usage of any word ending in “phobia,” “Islamophobia” says more about the person who has the phobia than it does about the “thing” that they are terrified of. Do you think spiders feel any less like spiders when someone is described as being arachnophobic? Or homosexuals, when they themselves are so very quick to sling the homophobic slur at anyone who disagrees with anything they choose to believe?]

The guide, produced by the secretive Research, Information and Communications Unit in the Home Office, tell ministers to “avoid implying that specific communities are to blame” for terrorism. It says more than 2,000 people are engaged in terror plots.

The guidance was branded “daft” last night by a special adviser to ex-Communities Secretary Hazel Blears. Paul Richards said: “Unless you can describe what you’re up against, you’re never going to defeat it. Ministers need to be leading the debate on Islamic extremism and they can’t do that if they have one hand tied behind their back.”

The Home Office said: “This is about using appropriate language to have counter-terrorism impact. It would be foolish to do anything else.”

Call it what it is, folks. Don’t give in to the PC Police. There ARE facts, and there IS a thing known as TRUTH, contrary to what many would have you think. The TRUTH is always the truth, whether you, or I, or any immigrant group likes it or not.


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