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If you live in or around Nashville, I’ve got a recommendation for any of you who ever have need of a good plumbing/heating/cooling service. Go with Hiller Plumbing Heating & Cooling. Here are two specific reasons WHY I recommend you use them.

1). My personal experience
The last time I need a plumbing job done, I called a number of reputable Nashville plumbing companies. At least one of them never returned my call. One told me they did not want the job. Another one made an appointment but never showed up for it (?!). Hiller made the appointment, phoned in advance to confirm, phoned on the day of the appointment to let me know when they were on their way, arrived EARLY for the appointment, and sent two men which made the repair go quicker and more efficiently than it would have with only one person. They did the repair in a very professional manner, took great care to ensure that they did not leave my house in a mess, and were more than fair in their pricing.

But wait… there’s MORE.

2). This is what spurred me to post this recommendation.
They are a responsible company which believes in using their resources to give back to their community. Recently they began a program called Hiller Helping Hands in order to help needy people who can not afford their particular skills and services. Anyone may go to http://hillerhelpinghands.com and nominate someone (even yourself) who needs their services but can not afford them. Each month they select a number of recipients they consider to be most in need, and they perform their service at no cost.

In the recent months, they have helped an elderly woman who hadn’t had running water in over four years. They installed a water heater for an elderly man. They provided central heat and air for a needy family with premature twin babies who had special medical needs.

This is a good and noteworthy example of a private commercial business acting responsibly in their community. It is an honorable practice, it is rare, it is highly commendable, it is NOT a government program (which would use your tax dollars and mine), and it deserves recognition, which is WHY it earns them my highest recommendation.


Written by jb

November 11, 2009 at 12:04 pm

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