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More on a developing theme of politicians being less than Truthful with us in what they tell us.

Watch this video of Candidate Obama telling us the type of people who have influenced his views.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Obama, as a candidate, also said that these influences would be the type of people with whom he would surround himself if elected President. Actually, he indicated more “when” than “if.” “Who will be surrounding me in the White House,” is what he actually said.

Now that the former candidate has been in office for nearly eight months, how has he performed on that promise? How did we get from the (mainly) mainstream influences he named while a candidate, to the actual appointment of radical individuals like Van Jones, Cass Sunstein, John Holdren, Carol Browner, and Mark Lloyd? Why is it that he has created positions in his administration for thirty-seven “Czars,” completely bypassing the Constitutional requirement for Senate scrutiny and confirmation in their appointment? Could it be that he knew full well that the individuals he has appointed to surround himself with would never be able to get through the process of Senate approval because of their out-of-the-mainstream (to say the least) views and agendas?

Humm… it would appear that Candidate Obama may have been less than honest with us when telling us who his influences were, and would be. Either that, or something happened to change his mind after the point where he gave us that list. Or both. I say it’s both. And the thing that happened to change his mind was this: Inauguration. Government and politicians will say whatever they feel is necessary to achieve their agenda, whether what they say is True or not. At the point he made that promise, Candidate Obama’s main objective was to get elected, and he said what he knew his target audience would want to hear. Once he was inaugurated as President, he no longer had to maintain pretense about his associations and influences. After inauguration, he could move on to his ultimate agenda of radically changing our entire system.

It seems to me that this is yet another example which lends support to Joe Wilson’s outburst during the President’s address to Congress this week, but then that’s perhaps better saved for a future post.

What a politician says is not nearly as important as what a politician does. What a politician says only consists of what we sadly accept as meaningless words, for which we simply will not hold them accountable. Why is this?

What a politician says can do us no real harm. What a politician does definitely can. And frequently does.

And that’s where we are, today.


Written by jb

September 12, 2009 at 4:43 pm

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